About Us

Why we do what we do

Our Story

Plantricious is what happened when a few close friends came together armed with the knowledge that a mostly plant-based diet is not only the best diet for us but also for our planet.

Yet, as we made changes to our diets and began seeking foods labeled plant-based, vegan or vegetarian, we quickly became discouraged and frustrated. As diligent label readers, we realized that not all plant-based foods are created equal. Many of the foods we assumed to be healthy due to their plant-based claims, often turned out to be highly processed, full of added sugars, sodium, oils and other not-so-healthy ingredients!

We knew there had to be a better way and we were not alone. At the time, over 60% of our nation’s population was looking to put more plants in their plates for health reasons (today it’s over 80%!). Yet, we knew that few people had the time, interest, eyesight: ) or knowledge needed to inspect every label and ingredient to ensure they were eating, truly healthy plant-nutritious foods. Something had to change! 

Our idea - make plant-nutritious foods easy to find!

The result - a certification that clearly differentiates a product as being the plant-nutritious choice!

How we did it-  we partnered with some of the nation’s most respected medical leaders prescribing whole food plant-based nutrition (food-as-medicine), to create the evidence-based criterion on which the Plantricious certification is built.

Fast forward to today, the Plantricious certification has been endorsed by over 300 healthcare professionals and organizations making it the most trusted seal for whole food plant-based nutrition. Our curated ecosystem gives our partner brands unique access to a thriving ecosystem of healthcare practitioners prescribing food as medicine and the health-conscious consumers looking for them.

If you are a brand owner, restaurateur, healthcare executive or you are in food service distribution or other institutional food service organization, and you wish to clearly differentiate your food product, based on our simple yet meaningful guidelines, please
contact us. We are grateful and proud to partner with such thoughtful global thinkers!

Our Mission

Make plant-nutritious choices easy

Our Vision

We eat more plants,
Our health improves,
Our carbon footprints decrease,
The world becomes a happier, healthier place for all living things

Giving Back

At Plantricious, we believe that to make change happen, we all need to work together. That is why giving back is at the core of our philosophy, we support causes we believe will help make this world a better place for everyone.

Educating the Medical & Healthcare Community

because they are the gatekeepers of our health

Nutrition Research

because the more we know, the healthier we will grow

Native Pollinator Conservation

because every 3rd bite we eat can be attributed to a pollinator

Other Worthy Causes

because we are all in this together