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A new Nielsen study finds sales of plant-based foods grew by an incredible 20% in 2018.  Supermarket News

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Plant-Based Nutrition

In fact, according to SPINS, the plant-based foods and beverages industry grew to $4.9 billion in 2017. Why the phenomenal growth? Today’s consumers' buying habits are evolving. Over 50% of the population says they are eating more plant-based foods for health benefits. These passionate shoppers know that the evidence is clear, a more plant- nutritious diet is not only better for them, it’s better for the planet.

However, 67% of consumers are finding it hard to identify foods that meet their needs by reading the label. That’s why we created the Certified Plantricious and Plantricious Friendly guidelines and seals, created and endorsed by the nation's leading medical experts to identify those foods that are truly healthy and plant-nutritious.

Become a Partner | Get Certified

  • Be part of a unique market space
  • Differentiate your product as the plant nutritious, health promoting, fiber filled, animal-free option
  • Position yourself as an market leader
  • Align your product, with the medical experts
  • Refresh, rebrand and upgrade existing vegan labels
  • Provide truth and transparency in labeling
  • Appeal to multiple demographics on many levels
  • Build customer trust and loyalty
  • Be part of a powerful alliance of businesses, organizations, associations and individuals working together creating opportunities and changing the world
  • Save with discounts on marketing, advertising, sponsorships and other perks
  • Plantricious certification is exclusive to Plantricious Partners only

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98% of shoppers

consider ingredients when purchasing

49% of people

say diet impacts the way they shop

All diets include plants

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Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Mediterranean, Paleo...

85% of consumers

seek “super foods” when shopping..."super foods" are mostly plants
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