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As one of the most respected medical experts advocating for better health through plant-based nutrition, I’d like to share with you a valuable tool on which The Plantrician Project, in my capacity of Founding Board Chairman, and Dr. Michael Greger have collaborated in developing. We see this as an invaluable resource, not only for patients, but as a unifying component of the plant-based nutrition movement.

We all know packaged foods labeled “healthy” and “good for you” can be misleading.  They are almost always highly processed, full of sugars, sodium and other unhealthful ingredients. This even holds true for foods and meals labeled vegan or plant-based. It can be quite confusing—for patients and medical professionals alike! Ideally, in the perfect world, everyone would be eating whole, plant-based foods that are freshly harvested and in as close to nature’s package as possible. Unfortunately, our fast-paced, industrialized world has made this challenging.

Serving as the Lead Medical Advisors for the Plantricious Certification Program, Dr. Michael Greger and I worked with Plantricious LLC to define what we believe is a unifying set of guidelines that simply and clearly represent what the plant-based nutrition healthcare movement would consider a truly healthful, plant nutritious food. Our goal is to have the Plantricious Certification seal be recognized as the universally trusted seal found on menus, programs, services, food labels and much, much more, as the means through which consumers can identify truly healthy, plant nutritious, animal free foods.

The Plantrician Project is pleased to be the official 501c3 not-for-profit beneficiary of Plantricious Certification Program, with Plantricious’ efforts reinforcing our mission to educate, equip and empower clinicians and those they serve about the health-promoting, disease-fighting power of whole food, plant-based nutrition.

We ask you to join us in endorsing the Plantricious Guidelines and recognizing the Plantricious Certification seal as a meaningful tool to help pave the way for we, as healthcare professionals, and our patients to be empowered with the information needed to choose plant nutritious foods and menu items. The strength of the seal relies on the endorsement of trusted leaders of our field, so we invite you to join us as an endorser of the Plantricious Certification Program.

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