Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plantricious?

Why is it important to have a Plantricious certification?

How were the Plantricious guidelines established?

Who helped Plantricious design the guidelines?

Who else endorses these guidelines?

What are the Certified Plantricious guidelines?

What are the Plantricious Friendly ingredient guidelines?

What is the difference between being Certified Plantricious and being Plantricious Friendly?

Where can I find the Plantricious seals?

Where can I find Plantricious recipes?

Why have a fiber guideline?

Why no added oil?

Why plants?

Are Plantricious foods vegan?

What is Plantricious' stance on "added sugar"?

What qualifies as "added sugar"?

Are products labeled date syrup or date sugar considered "added sugar"?

Is date paste considered "added sugar"?

If date syrup, honey and maple syrup packages are labeled as no "added sugar", why is it an added sugar under the Plantricious certification?

Is fruit juice an "added sugar"?