Differentiate your brand as the plant-nutritious choice

The Trusted Seal for
Plant-Based Nutrition

Displaying the Certified Plantricious and Plantricious Friendly seals on your product is the trusted and most transparent way to demonstrate to health conscious consumers, the healthcare community, and the food industry, that your plant-based food product is the plant-nutritious choice. 

Demand for Plant-based Foods Is At An All Time High 

But so is consumer confusion. Health is consistently cited as they key driver for eating plant-based but not all plant-based foods are healthful! This is good news as health professional are powerful influencers! There's a growing movement of lifestyle medicine physicians recommending that patients incorporate more minimally processed, whole plant-foods into their diets.

Clearly displaying the Plantricious certification on your products sets them head and shoulders above there rest by signaling that your products are the truly healthful plant-based choices.

of Americans are looking to add more plant-based foods to their diet for health reasons.1
of consumers change their eating habits per their healthcare professional's recommendation.2
of consumers consider transparency important or extremely important3

The Plantricious Ecosystem

Plantricious has deep ties within the lifestyle medicine community and we give our partner brands access to this valuable segment. 

The Plantricious Ecosystem

Benefits of Plantricious Certification

  • Differentiates your brand as the plant-nutritious choice.
  • Aligns your brand with the medical and healthcare experts who helped create and endorse the Plantricious Guidelines.
  • Elevates your brand among all demographics including Gen Z and Millennials.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to truth and transparency in labeling.
  • Builds deeper customer trust and loyalty.
  • Gives your brand access to a thriving community of healthcare practitioners and health-conscious consumers through our curated ecosystem of healthcare partners.

Get Certified - It's Easy!


Review the Plantricious Guidelines for compliance


Ready to Certify

Complete the following three forms:

  1. Declaration for Certification of Products
  2. Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
  3. Company Details

It may take up to 3-4 weeks to review your application documents. Once approved you will be sent the Agreement for Plantricious Certification and licensing fee invoice. The agreement must be signed and returned along with invoice payment to complete the certification process.


Congratulations and Welcome to Plantricious!

Our Plantricious Partner Welcome Kit and team are there to help you easily access our Plantricious ecosystem and make the most out of your Plantricious Certification!


  • Please review the Plantricious Guidelines and Standards and the Certification Licensing Fee Schedule
  • Use of any of the Plantricious certification seals or logos are prohibited until your products have
    completed the certification process, a written licensing agreement has been signed and all fees
    are paid in full.
  • Third-party certification assures that an independent party evaluates a product and assesses
    whether it meets the Plantricious Guidelines. HealthCentric.ai provides third-party certification
    for Plantricious.