Holiday Cookbook 


Make your holiday celebrations a little more plant-nutritious!

This collection of over 50 holiday recipes has been crafted using the many of the rich, delicious flavors that have become holiday favorites. Even better, each recipe is based upon our Plantricious Guidelines so you can be confident that your holidays will be packed with both flavor and nutrition!

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Giving Back

At Plantricious, we believe that to make change happen, we all need to work together. That is why giving back is at the core of our philosophy, we support causes we believe will help make this world a better place for everyone.

Educating the Medical & Healthcare Community

because they are the gatekeepers of our health

Nutrition Research

because the more we know, the healthier we will grow

Native Pollinator Conservation

because every 3rd bite we eat can be attributed to a pollinator

Other Worthy Causes

because we are all in this together