MamaSezz: Plant-based meals delivered to your door!

MamaSezz is the leading whole food plant-based meal delivery company in the U.S. Our goal is to make it easier for you to be your healthiest self by delivering hearty, fresh, ready to eat whole food plant-based meals with no B.S. (you know, Bad Stuff) right to your door.

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We Promote Healthy Lifestyles, Not Diets
MamaSezz promotes healthy lifestyles, not diets (we’re not fans of fads). We believe success lies in permanent lifestyle changes and that food should provide the nourishment you need to live your best life. A whole-food plant-based diet is doctor approved and scientifically proven to prevent heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, diabetes, and cognitive decline.
Some of our customers are lifetime vegans who want prepared meals for busy nights while others are curious omnivores testing out Meatless Mondays. Others want to avoid heart disease or type 2 diabetes but feel anxious about giving up their favorite dishes (like cheesy pasta). Some want to lose weight and keep it off while others recently received a scary diagnosis.
No matter the reason for exploring whole food plant-based eating everyone has one thing in common: lifestyle change is hard. Whole food plant-based eating requires more time menu planning and chopping, learning new recipes, and overcoming salt and cheese cravings.
We Make It Easier to Eat Well (And Be Healthy)
We support you by bringing simplicity and ease to healthy eating. Our meals are familiar, comforting, hearty (no rabbit food here) and easy to prepare so you can spend less time in the kitchen.
But we do so much more than cook for you at MamaSezz. We offer meal plans, shopping lists, tips and tricks, recipes, no-nonsense science-backed information, and the occasional belly laugh. We’re your support group and cheering squad. We’ll connect you to real humans in a supportive community of people struggling with the same challenges.
Everyone is welcome at the MamaSezz table. If you simply want to add more veggies to your life, great. If you want to join one of our challenges and try eating 100% plant-based, terrific! For us, it’s all about just doing what Mama said -- eat more fruits and vegetables. Now go out and play.