Certified Products

Making the world a healthier place one bite at a time

Small Red Lentil Elbow Macaroni Pasta
Red Lentil Rotini Pasta
Red Lentil Penne Pasta
Large Green Lentil Elbow Macaroni Pasta
Black Bean Penne Pasta
Zimmunity Pasta
Organic Red Lentil Penne Pasta
Organic Red Lentil Rotini Pasta

Apple Cinnamon Crunch Sweet-Bowl
Berry Medley Sweet-Bowl
Broccoli Cashew Alfredo Savory-Bowl
Cacao Cherry Smoothie
Creamy Forest Mushroom Savory Bowl
Creamy Potato Leek Sweet-Bowl
Goji Peach Paradise Sweet-Bowl
Green Grail Smoothie
Kale Krush Smoothie
Lentil Tomato Pasta Savory Bowl
Madras Curry Savory-Bowl
Mint Chip Smoothie
Smoky Pea Soup
Spicy Garlic Bean Soup
Super Berry Smoothie
Sweet Potato Dal Soup
Thai Veggie Noodle Savory Bowl
Tropical Bliss Smoothie
Vanilla Cinn-sation Smoothie


Silky Oat

Lightly Salted Wrapped Cashew
Sea Salt Wrapped Cashews
Sea Salt Roasted Cashews
Golden Tumeric Wrapped Cashews
Lime Twist Wrapped Cashews

Coconut Ice Crage
Pomegranate-Blueberries Ice Crage
French Vanilla Ice Crage
Cappuccino Ice Crage
Matcha Ice Crage
Coconut Cocoa-Date Truffles
Almond Cocoa-Date Truffles
Bell Pepper & Onion Raw Crisps
Habanero Raw Crisps
Southwestern Raw Crisps
Za'atar & Onion Raw Crisps
Italian Raw Crisps
Mango Habenero
Mango Raw Crisps
Original Raw Crisps

Gourmet Pumpkin Seed Premium Select Pink Himalayan
Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds Sea Salt
Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds Somewhat Spicy
Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds Raw

The Actual Purple Burger
The Actual Black Burger
The Actual Orange Burger
The Actual Green Burger

True Blue
Plant Parm

Original Burger
Savory Mushroom Burger
Sundried Tomato Burger
Spicy Italian Burger
Madras Curry Burger

No Sugar Veggie Ketchup
Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce
Memphis BBQ Sauce
Eastern Carolina BBQ Sauce
Yellow Mustard
Bavarian-style Mustard
Veggie Sriracha
Cayenne Hot Sauce