Yondu: The All-Purpose Umami Seasoning Sauce for Plant-Rich Cooking 

A versatile savory seasoning that brings out the inherent flavor of your ingredients.
Natural umami from slowly fermenting and simmering vegetables gives delicate flavor and balance to your dishes.


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Yondu Belief

We are convinced that the journey to good food starts at home – where cooking and eating nourishes more than just your body: it feeds relationships, builds bonds, and recharges your spirit.

Yondu’s philosophy of healthy living stems from its creator company, Sempio.

Non-GMO and organic soybeans are slowly fermented in three stages to bring out savory flavors. This base is blended with the concentrated broth of eight different vegetables to balance and add delicate complexity. Yondu Vegetable Umami is a well-balanced versatile seasoning.