Ground Pro

GroundPro Crumbles: whole lentil meat/meat alternative

GroundPro™, a plant-based, shelf-stable, meat alternate whole lentil crumble perfect for tacos, nachos, bowls, Sloppy Joes, pasta Bolognese, lasagna and so much more! GroundPro’s meaty flavor combined with high protein, fiber and iron yields a healthy and delicious product necessary for the growth and development of school age children.

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Registered Dietitian, Deepa Deshmukh collaborated with Inland Empire Foods to create the plant-based, shelf-stable, meat/meat alternative, whole lentil crumble GroundPro™. A nutritious combination of whole plant, high in protein, fiber and iron as well as a natural source of pre-biotics. Perfect for the growth and development of school aged children.

Currently Sodexo, Boulder valley School District, Marine County School is using the product to make tacos, nachos, bowls, Sloppy Joes, pasta Bolognese on their menu and the kids are loving it!

Ground Pro Crumbles is a Federally reimbursable meat and meat alternative. (M/MA)

GroundPro is soy, nut and gluten free.

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