LAVVA: making dairy the alternative

We blend the lowest carb nut on the planet, the Pili nut, with silky coconut, and cassava, creating a thick, creamy texture — without added gums or sugars. And because nature is powerful and surprising, we add prebiotic-rich plantains as food for our probiotics, so each cup of Lavva ends up with 50 billion probiotics.⁠

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At Lavva, we’re on a mission to realize the full potential of plant-based foods made without compromise. Our founder, Liz Fisher, conceived Lavva with this goal in mind. She knew she had her work cut out for her. Most non-dairy brands were adding gums, coloring agents, natural flavors, or sugar to lower costs and expedite the manufacturing process, so we forged our own path — and set a new standard.

It took months of hard work, inspiration and imagination to create our flagship Lavva yogurt: real food goodness and nothing else. We start by blending the lowest carb nut on the planet, the Pili nut, with prebiotic-rich plantains, silky coconut, and cassava. Next, we add a special blend of vegan probiotic cultures to bring our yogurt to life, and then we finish each flavor with fresh fruit.

Our clean, nutrient-dense ingredient list and vibrant flavor immediately resonated with shoppers, so Lavva grew quickly. In 2019, we launched in Whole Foods nationwide less than two years after we made our very first batch of superfood yogurt. Then we set our sights on plant milks.

Just like the yogurt category, non-dairy milk brands almost always cut corners by using vegetable and seed oils, emulsifiers, and water, leaving very little room for real food ingredients. We knew we could do better, so we did. Our research and development team harnessed the magical qualities of creamy Pili nuts to create a product that only contains three ingredients: coconut water, filtered water, and Pili nuts. Voila, Unsweetened Lavva Plant Milk! Then, we took this as a base to create a chocolate variety too, sweetening it only with dates.

We continue to be committed to shaking up the food industry and are constantly exploring new avenues to do so. You never know what else we may have up our sleeves… The Pili nut is the limit!